RAPE-The new trend

India welcomed 2013 with a trendsetter: RAPE. Gone are those days when rape was considered a heinous crime. People then, who would be shell-shocked to read or hear about this will now take it in their stride. It’s just another common phenomenon, simply like a cricket match, or a Bollywood release: keeps happening once every week. Newspaper readers, do not be surprised to see a column dedicated to ‘rape’, amidst regular ones like ‘national’, ‘international’, ‘sports’ and ‘business’.

Capital punishment? Would this impoverish the hunger of these inhuman creatures?

Castration is considered to be the solution, as suggested by many. But sadly, in reality, the success of such an act is a rarity. Chemical castration is easier said than done. The issue is also wrought with human rights and legal and health angles that will only complicate matters for the government. In a free country, the consent of the convict is a must, irrespective of what the legislation says. Experts also point out that the drug used for chemical castration works for just 90 days and the person has to take a fresh dose every three months. Once the doses are stopped, the convict becomes normal as the male hormones regain their vigor. Here lies the major problem: tracing the person every three months in a highly populous country like ours,  and injecting him with anti-androgen drugs once he is out of jail is not an easy task. Also, the drug won’t have any effect if the convict secretly takes male hormonal injections. Moreover, the forceful administration of the drug is a violation of human rights and the convict’s consent has to be obtained. In addition to this, castration causes severe health issues including cardiac problems. Chemical castration is reversible and may not be 100 percent effective. It is not a one-time solution. The drug has many complications.

Personal opinion:

Capital punishment should not be abolished. If the human rights commission says that taking a man’s life as an act of vengeance is not acceptable, what about the people whom he has killed? No value for their lives? We should please remember that because of such brutal criminals, many of the families had lost their breadwinners, their children, etc. If a person is not punished according to the crime he/she has done, there are chances of others repeating the same crime a thousand times, for they will not have any fear of punishment. Judiciary gives capital punishment only after a series of trials and according to the nature and gravity of the crime. For instance, in Kasab’s case, he was given death sentence only after a series of trials which were conducted over four long years and he was also given enough opportunities to defend himself. We have countries where capital punishment is legalized, and there’s enough proof that crimes are inversely proportional to the severity of the punishment.

All said and done, the deciding authority shall be the Government.  The final say would have to be in consent with all the possible factors in mind. To all citizens: respect everyone invariably of sex. Talk to a woman, get to know the unsaid struggles she faces, the unavoidable struggles she’s pulled into. Realize what it takes to be a woman. A breast cancer, or a pregnancy- definition of a “woman” is far deeper than what society is teaching us.  I hope the year ends, unlike the way it has started.



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  1. Niranjan says:

    The rape rates have been ever increasing and bringing down juvenile age would not be a bad option.


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