Mother – The unconditional lover

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The other day I was parsing through my wish lists, checking how many boxes are left to be ticked off. The list read a long drive, a crazy night with friends, skydiving, and so on.

Then, I slowly turned to my amma and asked what her long time wish would be. She calmly responded,

“One day I want to stay in bed the whole morning and someone should prepare breakfast for me.”

I could not help but choke the very next moment. Did you notice? She was stingy enough for just a break from the breakfast, which meant she would be back to business for the rest of the day. HER LOVE IS UNPARALLELED.

The dictionaries say a Mother is a woman who has given birth to a child. Huh, how blunt?. Mother is synonymous with a genius, a protector, a superhuman, and what not?

Who can deny the famous saying, ‘When apple pieces are 4 and there are 5 in the family, a mother says she does not like apples’?

Yellow Mother's Day Social Media Graphic

This machine has been running non-stop for the past 58 years and continues to do so. This is just an abstract life cycle of my superwoman. I go into intricate details and this blog goes on forever.

Married to a person of different caste 27 years ago, bearing 2 cesareans and putting on ample weight as a result, there’s no end to this almighty’s sacrifice. Her only burning desire is to raise me and my brother with utmost sincerety.

I’ve always feared writing a blog about my mother as I very well knew I would not be able to do full justice to her, writing about her will take a lifetime for me.

Mom Holding Infant by the Beach Mother's Day Quotes

I’ve seen people claim the world is so big with their visions being small. But my mother’s world is so small (it’s just her family) but her visions are sea-large. She’s a visionary, she’s my inspiration, and she is the woman behind my success.

All I want to do now is love her, forever. How special is the mother’s day for you?


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– Kavi & Ninja

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