Just one more movie before the lockdown is over?

Ok, what did we just watch? Give us a few seconds!

Fine, here we go. As we began to run out of movies, we decided to watch a Telugu flick Awe on Netflix. Telugu movies have always been synonymous with entertainment – extravagant artwork, songs, and high-octane action sequences. But we haven’t watched anything of this sort in any language thus far.

Multiple characters including a psychiatrist, a fake-chef, a drug-addicted waitress, an aspiring time traveller and a magician spend an evening together in a restaurant by chance and what unfolds there forms the crux of this movie.

What is the genre of the film? Fantasy? Time travel? Thriller? Horror? We let you decide. With an ensemble cast and a crisp runtime of just under two hours, this film throws some genuine surprises. Right from the title credits to the climax, every scene and character share an eerie connection, and if you manage to join the dots (which you’d definitely do at least after watching the climax), you would appreciate the attempt.

WARNING: Don’t attempt to read about it online before you’ve watched the movie, you might end up reading spoilers.

It’s available on Netflix, why not give a try? Is the movie really good? We can’t answer that, but if you’re looking for something out of the box, this won’t disappoint you. Watch it now and let us know in the comments if you liked it.

Image Source: Times of India

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– Kavi & Ninja


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