The Book Talk #15 – The Untethered Soul

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Hey, welcome to the 15th episode of our book series – The Book Talk. If it’s your first time here, check our other posts. In this episode, we’ll discuss The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.

When I wanted to try a spiritual enlightenment book, I tried The Power of Now and I must confess it was a boring read, to say the least. So, to quench my thirst, I picked up The Untethered Soul and it didn’t disappoint me.

What would it be like to free yourself from limitations and reach beyond your boundaries? How can you become a conscious and an aware being? This book helps you discover inner peace.

If you are overwhelmed with thoughts and actions, if you are searching for clarity and meaning of life, if you are looking for self-realization or spiritual upliftment, this book is for you.

The core message of the book is to LET GO. Let go of your thoughts; let go of your feelings; let go of your emotions, and the author teaches us how. Here are the 3 things I liked the most about this book –


1. There is an ‘innerworld’ within you

We all have a mental noise inside our head that talks to us all the time. You can hear this best when you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower. This is also easy to notice when you are angry with someone and feel like telling them off. How many times do you have that conversation in your mind before you actually talk to the person?

The reason for this is a build-up of energy that needs to be released. Watch it objectively and you’ll notice when there is a build-up of nervous, fearful, or desire-based energies inside, the voice becomes extremely active. This voice talks because you’re not okay inside, and talking releases energy.


When you can’t accept the world outside, you internally verbalize, judge and complain about it because this makes you feel empowered.

So, whenever you feel emotions of anger, jealousy, or ecstasy, just try to think from a third person’s perspective. You are the witness and there’s another person who is disturbed (in a good or bad way). If you constantly manage to do this, you will solve the problems of your life.

“When you are an aware being, you no longer become completely immersed in the events around you. Instead, you remain inwardly aware that you are the one who is experiencing both the events and the corresponding thoughts and emotions. Instead of getting lost in it, you remain aware that you are the one who is thinking the thought. You are lucid.”


2. There is infinite energy within you

You have tremendous energy within that is always available to you. This flow of energy comes from the depth of your being. In ancient Chinese medicine, it is called Chi. In yoga, it is called Shakti.

It is not easy to keep this energy together in one place for so long. As we try and suppress these thoughts and emotions from passing through our consciousness, the energy releases itself by manifesting through the mind and this is when our mind becomes so active.

When the energy can’t make it through the mind due to conflicts with other thoughts and concepts, it tries to release through the heart. This is the cause of all emotional activity. When you resist even this, the energy gets packed up and stored deep within your heart. This unfinished energy pattern is called Samskara in Sanskrit.


There are two kinds of events occur that block the heart. You either try to push energies away because they bother you or you try to keep energies close to you because you like them.

In both cases, you are not letting them pass. By resisting or clinging, you are wasting precious energy by blocking the flow. The alternative is to enjoy life instead of clinging to it or pushing it away. If you can live like that, each moment will change you.


3. Remove your inner thorn

Let’s say you have a thorn in your arm that affects your daily life. Since it’s so disturbing when things touch the thorn, there are 2 ways you can solve the problem –

  1. Ensure nothing touches it.
  2. Decide to take it out.

Our natural tendency is to apply the first solution because we think it is easy. But we don’t realize that to keep things from touching the thorn is the work of a lifetime. If you close around the pain and stop it from passing through, it will stay in you.

If you don’t solve the root cause of your problems (but instead attempt to protect yourself from it), it ends up ruining your life. It causes pain and disturbance. In our life, we have more than one thorn.

“We have sensitivities about loneliness, about rejection, about our physical appearance, and about our mental prowess. We are walking around with lots of thorns touching right against the most sensitive part of our hearts. At any moment something can touch them and cause pain inside.”

So, why protect the thorn when you can remove it? Real growth takes place when you deal with the pain. This way, you can release the blocked energy inside of you and experience relief.



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