InfyVisit – An industrial visit to Infosys, Mysore

Not every growth is overnight, not every improvement is visible. I realized the same very recently when we students were in Mysore for an industrial visit to Infosys. I take this opportunity to share what happened in the two-hour short session and arrive at a satisfying remark.

It all started with an extended journey, thanks to ever-increasing traffic and as a result, we were late for the program at the Infosys. By the time we reached the session-hall, we were already late by a good one hour and our  60 member group interrupted the session. The speaker, a young engineer wished us casual enough and enquired about which college we are from. A chorus reply was SAVEETHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE which aroused many giggles among the peer students from other colleges. Our students refused to react and we took our respective seats. But what happened the next two hours was a dramatic showdown which clearly emphasized the exposure our college has given to its students through the numerous workshops and seminars. Every time the speaker put up the question ‘any queries?’, there was only one set of college students who put their hands up sans any delay or doubts and I feel proud to say that it was the students from our college. The number of questions did not compromise on quality as for many queries, the reply from the speaker was a minute-silence followed by some dubious not-so-convincing answers. The kind of questions being asked gave us an indication that our students are aware of all the recent happenings. To top it all, we had an able leader in Mr.Nagappan, our professor who accompanied us. His razor-sharp counters to the facts displayed took the crowd, speakers and the volunteers by storm. His depth of knowledge was clearly evident and it was the right trigger for the students who, after witnessing his enthusiasm were all charged up for more questioning. Our questions varied from ‘why should I work for Infosys when most companies support WORK-FROM-HOME scheme which saves energy and resources?’ to ‘why is India’s I.T market dominated by Service-based companies rather than Product companies.Is it by choice or is India branded in to carry out services due to the process of globalization?. Many other queries, doubts, and counters that popped up were  ‘how can we say electronics is the best replacement for plastics? Electronic wastes are more hazardous than plastic wastes’, ‘People are mesmerized exploring the sprawling campus but what I feel is Infosys is a government by itself and I fear we might get typecast keep on working for the company, start and end over here without much being learned’. Students were bold to express their views even against the company and its ideas.

With all these happenings that I was part of, all I could realize was how good a unit we are, how good the college has nurtured us. Most of us would have failed to realize until that point the college has taken painstaking efforts to give the students much-needed exposure through various workshops.I can say that the inspiration derived from the session was near to nothing as we have heard more inspiring talks from eminent speakers in our college. I can boast off proudly that our students aren’t lagging behind and have the required potential to come out with flying colors. I give a heart-warming thanks to the college for all the opportunities that it had created, is creating and will create in the near future.

Students, feel proud that you are in a college that aims at bridging the gap between we engineers and the real-world.. Way to go SAVEETHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE !!


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