One satisf-ACTION a day !!

Today, I was out with my brother and to relieve ourselves of the heat, we stopped in a roadside coconut water shop. I saw a very aged owner and I could recognize him, he once worked in the school I studied up to my 10th grade.

I asked him instantly “Appa, were you working in SRDFVV?” and he replied “Ama Naina, I worked there. Good that you recognized me. I’m retired now. But unable to sit idle, it brings laziness with it.” As we were drinking, I saw plastic straws thrown everywhere, all over the place. When I asked him why he hasn’t kept a dustbin, he said he had one earlier but it did not make a difference. I was dejected and left the shop after paying and bidding him goodbye.

But just off a few meters away, I decided to do something about it and looked for any small box nearby. Fortunately, I could find one on the adjacent road. I cleaned the box and brought it back to the shop. He was surprised and dumbstruck. I did not talk anything to him, I just went on to pick up the straws from the ground and put them inside the box. It took some time for him to realize what’s happening and once done, he tried to stop me saying “Naina, you shouldn’t do this. Let me do it, please move Naina”. I stopped only after he promised me that he won’t allow anyone to litter anymore. I will keep an eye on the shop and make sure it is followed.

The shop is near the Varadaraja theatre, Chromepet, opposite a Sugarcane juice outlet. People near here can have a look and also make sure the small box is intact. The timely introspection has brought about a change in me and our society. This simple work has satisfied me today. I would be happier if you all do one small thing every day that gives you contentment.


Thanks, everyone for patient reading.


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  1. That is so thoughtful of you to do that 🙂


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