You just cannot stop learning!


It’s such a big truth, learning never stops. “Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean”; what a gem of a quote. Someone somewhere somehow someday sowed the seed of learning something from even nothing and I am indebted to that unknown hero, for I feel blessed to have acquired the skill at the right time and I’m enjoying this sweet little hobby of mine.

I’ve been with different groups, of different ages, different domains, in different situations and different arena. I’ve realized no two people are the same, there’s something unique about everyone we meet on our way. One such is my current web development training batch. I’ve been put up with one of the astonishing set of people and why not? The amount of learning I get here is abundant.

We’re 30 in number and this blog is purely dedicated to how each one has rubbed the positive energy onto me. I’ll follow a specific rubric – the person, followed by what’s that one thing I love about them – in the following passages.

Giri – Maturity comes with experience and is an exquisite character one must possess. One fine day we all had been out for lunch and this guy missed his phone back at the hotel, and by the time we realized it, we were halfway back to the office. But then, the amount of maturity he portrayed was something I wish I had.

Prasanthi, Sindhu, and Priyanka – What even intelligence cannot achieve, patience does. Politeness is an attribute that shows how strong and confident you are, as a person.

Guna and Anthony – These guys never part ways. If their bonding is a lesson, their way of honing skills is another. It is not always WHAT you learn, but HOW you do it. Learn things the right way, you cannot fail whatever be the circumstance.

Sandhya and Hema – Life’s distances are not covered by miles but the SMILES. If you have a beautiful smile, count on me, you’ve the best armoury in your arsenal.

Dheeraj, Sakthi, and Jaya – Always have those kinds of friends who troll you 24/7 in front of everyone and you still feel they’ve the right to. They are the people who will be by your side when you hit rock bottom in your life.

Raga and Kishore – Life’s boring without wits, satires, and pokes. It’s a great weapon to keep everyone in splits, and with your harmless words, you can assure a longer stay in people’s hearts. Observation is the key to grasping nuances of life and an observer always knows more than what one thinks he can achieve.

Jeyanthee and Suba – You don’t need to be noted for what you’re doing. Satisfied with you? You’re doing a great job then. Good to stay off the fame, at times.

Prathyusha and Kavitha – Grow up, mature, achieve, but never lose the child in you. Keep that innocence burning inside, your size doesn’t matter people will always love you.

Aishu and Valli – You don’t need to believe people so easily or even take them for granted. Take time to believe and in this way, you may not make quick friends but you make real ones.

Dhivya – Everyone makes mistakes unintentionally but there’s always a compensatory act and if you do it with honesty, you’ve a 100% chance of claiming the best place you once held.

Sravani – There are some, who, until you know, isn’t the nicest of all. But once you get to talk with them, you wish you’d been on their good list. Our perceptions are mostly vague. Let us explore and find real friends.

Ramya – You’re not living your life if you do not do something that soothes your heart. You’re your own doctor, after all. Medicine to heal your wound is within you. Work on what you love and someday, that’ll take you to places you haven’t imagined.

Indu and Srini – People are not what you perceive. People are what they really are. It is such a boon to be that person who can fit almost everywhere. Adaptability at its best!

Ramesh – It doesn’t matter what you’re until you’re tested. Real potentials erupt when you’re put to a task. Stop whining start working.

Viji – Women aren’t to be objectified. Decide to disrespect a girl? Have second thought! And stop expecting more, until you take equal initiatives. Girls are bolder than what you know and what they show.

Ganesh – Your learning stops when you feel contented. You’re saturated when your thirst is quenched sans enough water. Keep questioning, which not only clarifies you but also enlightens others. Querying is a double-edged sword and sweetly so, both ends are filled with flowers. It is a win-win always.

Jegan – There are people who have not realized their fullest potentials and achievements yet. The day they do that, there’s no stopping them. It’s astonishing how one can achieve great things and yet remains grounded.

Shyam – If you’re afraid to show the real you and prefer to wear the ugly mask of disguise, you’re long dead. Love you for what you are, and let people know the real you. Mind my words, people will love to have you on their side.

I wish I were better with my words so that I can keep writing without boring the readers, unfortunately so, writing skills are again a learning curve and I’m practicing the ropes of it yet.

You cannot wake up one fine day and say, “I’m going to make it BIG in life”. No, it doesn’t work. Life’s not one BIG book, but bundles of smaller chapters that add up to become your novel. Days fly, people change, memories fade but the learning holds forever! Keep learning, keep spreading. After all, life’s nothing but a knowledge sharing session.


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  1. Ramya says:

    I have seen and had a lot of people (so called friends), who make friends to satiate their needs…
    Many of u guys would also have had similar experience… But guys today, this moment i am really proud to say, I have a friend who isn’t selfish, who accepts me just the way i am, who makes me feel happy about myself and the best part is he has taught me to learn from anything and everything….. Not everyone can make everyone feel sooo special… But Ninjaaaaaaaaaaa u have done it…. Hatsss off!!!!!


    1. Niranjan says:

      Ram, you are amazing haha..


    2. Niranjan says:

      Can’t get any better than this Ram, I am buoyed !!!! 🙂


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