Highlights 2015 – Educative year.

As I am happily diagnosed with the mania of extracting something to learn from everything possible (succeed at some and falter at most), 2015 has been nothing short of a humongous victory in that regard.

The year comes to an end and here I am, giving us all some of the highlights of the events (14, precisely) and also, of course, sharing what I had to learn from all of them. I hope you enjoy this.

  1. First Day @ Cognizant –

Having resigned from a firm and looking for another, this was a welcome change. I was said I am having the 7.5 years of acclaimed ill-fate (Saturn) and then came wonder-words from my uncle – “This doesn’t mean you will suffer. It just means you’ll need to struggle a little more to achieve things. That struggle might be effort or money or whatever, but you’ll still get what you work for.” Who knew, these small things will make a big difference? It did.

Source: Google
  1. Schama Pancholi – The awesome Behavioral trainer

An NLP expert, and absolute fun to work with. The Woman. We will never forget the Johari window that helped us realize our inner potentials. I understand myself better now.


  1. The new acquaintances –

One best group to be with. It enabled me to overcome some of my forgettable days in the past. The famous ‘CI001’. Some meaningful friends are for life.

At the Queensland Amusement Park
  1. Cognizant Premier Cup and Wings –

Runners up at the Premier Cup cricket tournament (among 256 teams) and winners at the Wings, the cultural extravaganza (a mime act), these achievements were real ice breakers and change-makers. Pushed ourselves to the extreme and pulled ourselves extremely well.


The Misty Messengers
  1. Web development – First real hands-on training that I enjoyed

Practical training on web development and Photoshop was thoroughly enjoyable. “You cannot ride a bicycle simply by thoroughly reading a 100-page book instructing you how you can do it. Get your hands dirty and learn the hard way.” – Agreed.

  1. The surreal Munnar road trip –

A long-pending get together with the closest friends. The PSYMNZs are here to stay 😉


  1. Amma’s birthday celebrations with friends at home –

Simply unforgettable. I don’t need a quote here, I choose a word (read emotion) instead – AMMA


  1. My first project at CTS – USBank

Being the youngest among the talented and youthful lot, this is one heaven of a ride I am enjoying even now. I will cherish this team forever.

Christmas Celebrations
  1. The first special Birthday gift from special people –

A wonderful Jerkin cum raincoat for me on my birthday. Thanks, Jegan and Srini. Special thanks to Kavitha for choosing this personalized gift. Gifts are not about money, but about efforts. Someone making an effort to think of your need at present and getting the same on a special day, that does mean something indeed.

Double-sided Jerkin cum raincoat
  1. An even better Road trip to Courtrallam –

The longest journey of 1500+ kilometers by car with the craziest of friends. Ironically, our dear friend Kavitha funnily cursed us with the following words – “Your journey shall be problematic. Though you will have fuel in your car, you will still be forced to push your car from behind” and guess what, that exactly was what happened. The man at the petrol bunk filled Diesel in our Petrol car and we had to finally work with the mechanic for close to 4 hours and get started again. OMG!! But, but, but, we did defy the odds and the famous “This is a bad omen” myths to proceed with our colorful journey and that did teach us something invaluable.


  1. Anna – Anni hitched –

The first marriage in my family after I have grown up to realize its importance. From a thrilling car drive to lively dance with cousins, this will be remembered fondly forever for bringing the whole family together.


  1. The Chennai Floods and the astounding rescue teams –

Never ever realized the strength of unity until now. The satisfaction of making the smallest of differences in someone’s life knows no bounds. The fresh Aura.

Source: Google
  1. The fitting farewell family tour to Kolkata and Orissa –

Refreshing visit to temples and witnessing some real love and kindness from amazing elderly people (my mom’s family friends), I did learn a lot about one secret of success – humility.


14. Reserved best for last, Kavitha’s B’day celebration –

I have never celebrated a birthday that was so simple by looks of it yet so rich by the souls that made this happen. Temple visit, beachside cake cutting and a customary lunch with loads of well-wishers, this was an amazing birthday.


Overall, 2015 has taught me there’s no religion other than humanity and no bigger secret to success than humility. It was fun, eventful, redemptive, loving, educational, refreshing and redefining. These 365 days have been some of the best in my life. I hope you have an urge now to list down your highlights for this year. Come on, do not waste your time go do it right now.

Wishing you all a Happy and Better New Year 2016. Good luck with all that you desire and deserve!!!!!!


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  1. Deepak says:

    Nice blog, have a great year ahead – DG


    1. Niranjan says:

      Thanks DG, I know its later but we don’t have time limits in CKCC I guess, so yeah thanks again.


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