7 naked truths of I.T life

2 months of internship
22 months of proper I.T job
24 months as a software engineer
3 companies
3 different domains.
3 projects.
50 odd teammates
A fair share of learning and experience.

I am a software developer. It is a sophisticated, fun and enjoyable work. I have absolutely cherished these last two years. Any profession has its own pros and cons. A software developer’s job is no different. Economical independence, freedom, ability to support the family and social respect are some of the many pros of mine. Also, of course, there is a darker side to it.

This blog is a confession from deep inside my heart, the things that hurt me, things I wish do not happen at all, things I want to change and the things that have hardened and burdened me as an individual.

Please note that I scarcely share negative stories. (this is only my second such blog after one on regular rape incidents around three years ago) Still, I could not resist coming up with the seven ugly truths of an I.T life, sharing my grief and seeking solace. I warn you, this might hit you hard and be hard to digest, but trust me these are blatant truths from my experiences. Let me begin.

1. True “FRIENDS” is a fallacy or at least a rarity. In IT terms, by friends, you simply refer to people working together and nothing more. You move to another project or a different location, your then-friends vanish into thin air.

2. More often than not, when there is an outing or a get-together planned, you are most probably the (n+1)th member invited, where ‘n’ is the number of close buddies actually wanted by the person planning. You are nothing more than a filler to complete the quota.

3. Are you different? Then you are either hated or avoided. New ideas are not encouraged. Creativity is laughed at. It always looks reasonable to shout with the crowd than to sing harmoniously in solitude.
KINDLY ENCOURAGE PRODUCTIVE CREATIVITY AND RESPECT UNIQUENESS. You are an average of the people you spend your time with.

4. It is very common to talk ill of anyone in their absence. Managers, team leads or even the best of your colleagues are not spared.
You join in the foul-mouthing but REMEMBER, YOUR ‘BEHIND THE BACK’ MOMENT IS WAITING.

5. You will realize that you actually don’t have anyone when you do not get the “shall we break for lunch?” ping every day.

6. “I have lots of work today” becomes a common phrase. Only you know it is a BIG LIE.
BEING FREE IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE ASHAMED OF, it is sometimes a boon. Life’s more than those eight hours of mundane work in your 4×4 cubicle. PLEASE HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE WORK.

7. I.T dictionaries do not have the word TRUST in them. You are your own confidant(e). Ratings, promotions, onsite opportunities and job-switch, everything together is a big black-box.
I am sure, the list will be longer but for now, these seven complete mine.

I wish things are simpler,
I wish people are more helpful and open,
I wish for honest friends,
I sincerely wish those honest lovable friends of mine great luck with their lives.
With pain,
that (n+1)th software developer.



1. These incidents are only some of the black-spots in an otherwise fun-filled journey. Please do not personalize. Not to hurt anybody. My mates will back me when I say I love giving my best in any relationship and I will continue to do so, forever. Love you all.
2. Special thanks to my dearest idiots Mahesh for coming up with this catchy title and Prasanth for accepting the painful job of editing the blog contents.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ganesh Ram M says:

    True fact of an IT folk. Well drafted…..


    1. Niranjan says:

      Very big CHEERS Ganesh, that is true in many cases. Glad you liked it.


  2. Leema says:

    All of the above are true… Reality!


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