Two uplifting movies you could watch with family this weekend

Kavi and I watched some good movies in the last few days and two movies made a lasting impact on us. Usually, we prefer horror thrillers or crime investigation genres, but after a while, we need a break from these intense films. So, we watch feel-good and uplifting movies to replenish ourselves.

Both these movies have a crisp runtime of two hours and you can watch them with your family. Thanks, FilmiCraft for such wonderful recommendations.

1. The Beauty Inside


The Beauty Inside is a 2015 Korean fantasy romance film with an unusual plot. The male protagonist wakes up in a different body every day. He could be anything from a 10-year-old boy to a 60-year-old granny. What happens when he falls for a girl forms the crux of this brilliant comedy-drama.

How could you make a movie where your male protagonist changes every 10 minutes? This is such a novel concept and a surprising package. It made no sense to question the logic as I accepted the fantasy genre right from the word go.

What is your idea of loving someone irrespective of how they look? Do you agree to the adage – it’s what inside that matters ??

2. A Dog’s Purpose

Are you a pet lover? Look no further than this 2017 fantasy comedy-drama, based on the 2010 novel of the same name. A dog dies multiple times but it is reincarnated every time, and in the many lives it lives, all it wonders is what is a dog’s purpose in this world?

Bailey (a Golden Retriever) is loved by his owner Ethan. After leading a happy life with Ethan and his family, it dies of old age. Later, it is reborn two more times – once as a female German Shepherd puppy and the next time as a male Corgi. But, when it is reborn for the last time as a female Landseer named Roxy – it sets out to meet his first owner Ethan.

Did it get to meet its owner? Did Ethan recognize his old pal? Did the dog finally find the true meaning of its existence? This is told in a fantastic and heart-wrenching manner. The whole film is about a dog’s love for their human. This is a must-watch if you love pets.

Good movies lift your mood, cheer you up, and best of all – forces you to share the joy. Have fun! 🙂

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– Kavi & Ninja


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