The Book Talk #20 – 2in1 – Who moved my cheese? And, The go-giver.

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Hey, welcome to the 20th episode of our book series – The Book Talk. If it’s your first time here, check our other posts. In this episode, we’ll discuss two books – Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson and The go-giver by Bob Burg & John D. Mann.

Both of these books are parables. A parable is a simple story to illustrate a lesson. It is different from fables because fables use inanimate objects, animals, or even natural forces as characters. On the other hand, parables have human characters. Parables are more interesting because they are short stories and you can also share them with your friends.

I was not aware of parables until my Airbnb host recommended this book to me during our Kerry trip. Her eyes lit up the moment I said I read books. She stopped all her work, searched for ‘Who moved my cheese’ in her huge collection and asked me to finish reading the same night so we could discuss when she was back from work.

Home-library of Bob – our host in Kerry

Two months later, when a friend recommended ‘The go-giver’, I was surprised to see a reference to ‘Who moved my cheese’ on its cover. It piqued my interest.

Both the books are each only 100 odd pages long. So, if you are looking to be punched in the gut with confidence and newfound wisdom within a couple of hours, do not look past these two short story books with powerful ideas.

1. The go-giver

Many of us are go-getters; we go to great extents to get what we desire. While there’s nothing wrong being a go-getter, is it sufficient? The secret to reaching stratospheric heights is not just in having the willpower to get what you want, but to give more than what you get.

The story revolves around Joe, a true go-getter. But, the harder and faster he works, his goals seem to get farther away. He meets Pindar – a legendary consultant – who introduces Joe to five of his friends who teach him the power of giving.

We have all been Joe at some point in life. Can we use the power of giving to conquer greater boundaries? The core message is conveyed with utter simplicity that you do not need to be a voracious reader to enjoy this book. A book is good if you can instantly apply its learnings in your daily life. In that sense, this book sits right at the top.

“Most people just laugh when they hear that the secret to success is giving… Then again, most people are nowhere near as successful as they wish they were. Give, and you shall receive”

2. Who moved my cheese?

Nothing in life is a given, and we all go through transformations and changes in our lives and careers. There are four typical reactions to those changes. This is splendidly illustrated through a short story involving two mice and two little people. Which one are you? Or, are you a combination of these four characters? Find out by reading Who moved my cheese.

The story goes like this – two mice and two little people live in a maze. Their purpose in life is to look for cheese to eat. One day, they find a hidden stash of cheese in a corner and they begin to enjoy the time of their lives. However, soon after, they run out of cheese. Now, how do these four different characters deal with this unprecedented situation? Do they find an alternative or rot to death in the same corner waiting for cheese?

Change happens all the time. It is upon us to anticipate and adapt to it quickly. The successful people are ready to evolve and develop along with the changes around them.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

We hope you liked this post. What is your ONE takeaway?

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