2 enchanting forest walks near Dublin where you feel completely disconnected from the outside world


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Are you a fan of trekking or hiking, but do not have all the stamina to walk hours together? Do you want to explore a place that’s less crowded, off-beat, and easy to walk? How about a forest where you feel totally disconnected from the outside world? No worries, we’ve got something for you which ticks all these boxes. It’s almost impossible to separate Ireland from nature. Here are two short walks that’d definitely make you feel surreal.

1. Donadea Forest

Car park: €5

Three looped walks:

  1. The Lake Walk (0.8 km, 30 mins, access for all)
  2. The Nature Trail (1.6 km, 1 hr, Easy)
  3. The Aylmer Walk (5.7 km, 1 ½ hrs, Easy)

Directions: here

Situated in northwest Kildare, less than 30 miles from Dublin, Donadea could be your ultimate weekend getaway. Surround yourself with birds and trees in this 640 acres forest park. We went there on a Saturday and it was unusually quiet for a weekend. Very few cars and a peaceful walk are guaranteed.

There are many historical features including the remains of the castle and walled gardens, St. Peter’s church, an ice house and boat house. Another feature of the park is the 9/11 Memorial, a scaled replica of the twin towers carved in limestone. The small lake is brimming with ducks, waterhens and has a beautiful display of water lilies in the summer. There is a café open throughout the year.


2. Ballinastoe Woods

Car park: Park your car for free here (If this car park is occupied, there are some more spots available on either side. Keep driving)

Ballinastoe board-walk is one of the most mystic, magical walks I’ve ever been on, in Ireland. Find your complete guide to the walk here. There are different walks ranging from 3.5 to 10 km on this route.

Get ready for magic! The walk starts here. The entrance is clearly visible from the road, and I’ve marked it below. On one side of the road are the Guinness lake and magnificent scenery. Only a few meters away from that is this fairyland called Ballinastoe. See the video below to believe me!

Things to do around:

  1. The Ballinastoe woods walk
  2. Lough Tay
  3. Victor’s way sculpture park
  4. Sally gap drive

Lough Tay is a stone’s throw away from the car park. Do not miss this most photographed location in Wicklow. The stunning scenery of the Lake surrounded by the mountains makes it one of the most iconic locations in Ireland. Also, if you have time, it’s well worth visiting Victor’s way sculpture park. It’s a special pride for me because the statues were originally sculpted in my city – Chennai, India. If you’re a road-trip aficionado, check my post on the Wicklow road trip.

Lough Tay –

Victor’s way sculpture park –

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