Glendalough mountains – A hiking paradise in Ireland

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Yaay! We are back with our 13th travel blog post. Don’t forget to check our other travel posts. This is also my 100th blog post. A little, but a significant milestone. Thanks to everyone who have supported and encouraged me to keep writing.

If you’re looking for a hiking spot in Ireland for this weekend, or you’re someone interested in nature walks – you’re at the right place. I’ve brought you pictures from one of the best hikes in Ireland. Show me something as beautiful as Glendalough and I’d tip my hat off to you.

Whether you’re just looking for a lakeside picnic with your family or you’re looking to walk miles together, breathing the freshest of air and submerging yourself in stunning natural scenery – Glendalough has got you covered. Whatever you decide to do, you’d end up having a soul-stirring experience.

There’s the lake, the mountains, the trees, and then there’s you – engulfed by mind-boggling scenery surprising you from every side!

The Glendalough Walk –

Glendalough is located in Wicklow, Ireland. Only a 30-min drive away from Dublin, Wicklow has a lot to offer. Find my article on a Wicklow road-trip here.

There are 9 way-marked walking trails in Glendalough valley, ranging from handy strolls to strenuous hikes. Though the visitor centre is closed due to COVID restrictions, there’s an official guide at the entrance, and they help you choose a trail that suits you best. The visitor centre has a huge car park area, and it’s €4 per car. Here’s your complete guide.

Remember to wear sturdy shoes as there are some rough and uneven terrains. Wear layers because this is Ireland. If you’re doing longer walks, carry enough water and food.

Special thanks to Scenic Poetries for editing my pictures! Follow his page for stunning photos.

Some pictures from the white-route (10km, around 3 hrs) –

Your walk starts at the Poulanass Waterfall –

An hour’s walk past the Poulanass waterfall will lead you to a viewing point overlooking the Upper Lake –

Fasten your seatbelts because the best is yet to come. From this viewing point, there’s a magnificent boardwalk that’d, at moments, (literally) take your breath away –

After about an hour atop the cliffs, you reach the summit. Enjoy a scenic lunch break –

After lunch, begin descending through blanket bog and head into the picturesque Glenealo Valley, home to a large herd of deer. A rough track then leads you back down into Glendalough Valley –

When you’re finished, remember to enjoy a few minutes of bliss by stretching your legs beside the lower lake. Look back at where you came from –

Look deep into nature and you’d understand everything better.

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    Stunning pictures and keep going man, The way of presenting the blog is really extraordinary


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